Get your projects loved and funded with mind blowing video!

Create mind blowing videos that get projects loved and funded!

Why Visionary Video?

Visionary Video really is the secret to mastering public understanding and support of projects while making it look easy. Visionary Video is objective-focused, engaging informational video that presents complex agency projects in an easily understandable way–visually stunning video that allows for education, informed public discourse, and project support.

It’s lots of work to nurture a positive and informed relationship with the community you serve, let alone successfully increase public support…and you may believe you can’t explain your complex project in a short video. We’ll show you how to avoid that line of thinking, along with the most common public service agency mistakes, to help you achieve your goals faster.

Bottom Line:

If shining the brightest possible light on complex projects and a harmonious relationship with the public sounds good, we can help!

Get Your Project:

Understood, Supported, Shared & Funded

Our team specializes in elevating Public Service Agency presentations that get complex projects understood, supported, and funded. We provide video production, advertising, and marketing services in several categories–including government agencies, municipal districts, service organizations, small businesses, and more. Not only has our work assisted in securing massive funding for lifesaving highway projects, but also with helping agencies explain highly complex and valuable programs like Habitat Conservation Plans, County Development Permitting Proposals, and more.

Over the past several years, we’ve created a number of products and services designed to help our clients present their projects in a meaningful and informative way that makes their communities feel like a part of high stakes conversations.

Our flagship offering is called Visionary Video. Visionary Video dives deep into the public agency project awareness and funding world and helps you get the projects you’ve invested so many of your resources on clearly understood, supported, and funded without ever dealing with the pain of public confusion, the spread of misinformation, or your department appearing disconnected from the public you serve so diligently.



Visionary Video Reviews

"We Market For Humans was able to take a very complex subject, and explain it to people who know nothing about air quality issues, about criteria pollutants, about Ozone, and explain it to them in a way that they can understand and also give them a call to action of what they can do to help."
Kevin MacDonald (Public Information Administrator)​
Clark County Department of Environment & Sustainability​
“I’ve worked with Marcus and Storey Anderson and their We Market for Humans/Visionary Video team on multiple projects and have recommended them to others who are preparing and implementing HCP and similar high-profile conservation projects. The We Market for Humans/Visionary Video team are great to work with because they are quick to understand the nuances and important points to highlight in their videos, telling compelling and relatable stories that speak to a broad audience, which is essential to garner support from decision makers, key stakeholders, and members of the public.”
Scott Fleury (Principal of HCP Planning & Implementation)
"Marcus and Storey did an excellent job of developing an incredible video that communicated our message and information to the audience we were trying to reach. Having a video is such a good way to communicate an issue or situation to people and the product they ended up developing for us was pretty critical in us securing about $165 million."
Jon Clark (Executive Director)
Butte County Association of Governments
"We Market For Humans' ability to break down a very complex subject such as the HCP into an understandable and engaging video that our organization is able to use as an educational tool is a skill that many municipal entities could certainly benefit from. I highly recommend Marcus for any video project that you or a colleague may be considering."
Heather Dyer (GM/CEO)
San Bernardino Valley Municipal District

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The Creatives Behind Visionary Video

We are two former advertising executives who left the industry to use our superpowers of persuasion and communication to fight the good fight! We’re proud to align ourselves with local, regional, and national agencies to help them garner attention and support for environmental projects that make our world a better place for everyone (including our two lovely children).

Storey and Marcus

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